Wednesday, January 23, 2013

E Mail Marketing

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Email marketing is one of the most important way to build your client tel. whether you sale a product or you give services to the people , Email marketing is no 1  tools for any sales approach.Now the question is how you gonna do email marketing  , without proper knowledge email marketing could be a dangerous thing . So be careful when you do email marketing .Most of the people start email marketing but end up with nothing . My suggestion is if you really want to build your client tel then of course you have to be very careful sending an email. Before you sending an email to all you need to verify your email list and make sure you do not sending any spam. Make sure your email contents very proper. If you think that your content is not appropriate do-not sent them ,Make sure that there are no grammatically mistake on it.Make sure that it serves your topic accordingly.And send it to the right client. And at the right time.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Cost per Thousands

Cost per thousands or cpm is a method to calculate the web impression according its ad program ,Like advertiser say's that is cost per impression is 5 cents so their cost per thousands is likely to be 5 thousands cents .like publisher say that are they are offered by the ad party as 1 cents per impression , in means the publishers is earning 1 thousand cents per one thousand impression . An impression is counted as and when a banner, web link ,or the text link ,pop up or loaded in browser ,so once it is loaded it treated as one impression .so as many as time it is loaded it calls add impressions when it is accumulated.So cost per thousand is a good calculations .

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Get in of a telecom business

Not all telecoms company will share business . There are limited company that gives you plenty of money . Like a company that offers plenty of services . Each of service will give you referral money and residual income . But first thing first you have to have a attachment with the company first . For this you have to be independent marketing rep (IMR) .But it cost little money nearly 300 dollars and all you have to do is , you have to switch over your exiting connections from other cellular company to this company and have to create down liner that's all . Once it start clicking in , it start going on and on .
here is the website to learn more

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How to make a website

If you think you wanna website for your business . The best way to get a website is get a domain name first . That is the prime task to do . Then all you have to do is get a web hosting company . Try to learn some basic html code to do build up the website . Try to learn web2.0 which is basic thing.
Although website building is my hobby . i build blog for others and it is just free. building blog is my passion . i do mostly for small business owner. artist ,photografer .

Friday, July 16, 2010

Blog or website

Blog or website which one is good. many people believe website is good and had lot of options to make it . you can make how you want . but blog is limited . but my opinion is blog is good because you need to buy any domain name , you are getting unlimited hosting facility and in one single account you can make upto 1000 blogs in blogger . So you can make as many as blog , you can make as many as blog post . finally blog is easy to use and easy to maintain .so niche is blog and i love to do it .

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Why meta discription tag is so importent

Meta description tag is one of the importent factor for google search engine . If the blog or website have its own meta description tag then search engine can track it description tag easyly and could be viewed properly . You can set your ad different way but couple of basic things you need to consider when it is in google . one of them is meta description tag. Becouse it helps google to crawl your site and spin it and reverse spin it when it is schedule to crawl